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Accepts the manufacture of aluminum frames in the field of partitions, folding doors, single doors, windows, sills, sliding doors, to minimalist fighting doors

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We have a professional team who are certainly able to make and install frames according to your wishes

Affordable prices

prices that we offer according to existing needs

Fast Process

We always try to do the installation of sills on time

Guaranteed Quality

We have a 6 month warranty if something goes wrong with our team's installation

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Pelanggan Dewape Kusen Malang

Recommended place to install sills, fast and neat workmanship


Pelanggan Dewape Kusen Malang

It is proven quality. everything was to my liking

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to install sills

We will conduct a survey first regarding the cost. After completion, we will inform you about the price details

Can you make your own design

Yes, we also have a special team to provide the best design you want

How long does it work?

Depending on how much work and level of complexity in making the frame